Reviews and Advice of Extreme Biking Sites

Extreme Bike Sites

The razor-thin line which separates riding at the limits of physics and being victim of these universal laws is a difficult place to find, let alone find safely. Surviving the activity is a good start, but then it is also wise – and necessary – to go to that limit as many times as possible so as to gain experience and as much knowledge as can be fit within the human brain. Doing this completely alone gets expensive and can be exceedingly dangerous; being around others is smart when just starting out into ‘envelope pushing.’ Having instruction, of course, would speed up the learning and skill acquisition, and would also open the doors to a closed circuit of some sort for protected practice. Running a motorcycle in anything which may be called ‘extreme’ is always safer, easier and better for rider and bike with at least one or both of these paths being pursued with dedication.

Stunt Schools

One of the more popular ways to begin a life with extreme biking is to find a Wheelie school or Stunt School where the very specific skills and techniques to stunt riding can be earned – make no mistake, this is something one only gains through experience. The proper teacher will guide a student through the learning process beginning at a level with which the student is comfortable, and ending where the pupil is capable of moving forward solo. Finding a good school is far easier than one might expect, and there are some which bear specific mention if only for size, scale or popularity. This guide has been created to help give anyone a head start in deciding which of these many well-respected institutions are suitable for the need, the ability and the cost of the future student.

Race Schools

Speed at the extreme edge of control is another excellent way to test knowledge and understanding of how a motorcycle behaves within the limits of the physical laws. This is one which a stunt school will not address, but a good race school will. There are a number of different race schools running at tracks just about everywhere, and these places of higher learning teach all types of racing – road racing, supermoto, flat track, etc. That translates into an almost limitless number of opportunities to improve riding skills and to go as extreme as the venue allows. Don’t forget that progress is constant; for instance, top speed records are broken every year at theBonneville Salt Flats- where man and machine bend the unbreakable laws.

Track Days

Combining some time in either of the schools mentioned previously with some time on a closed course where practice may be had is always smart – if cash is not too hard to come by, of course. Taking a track day at a local circuit is a great way to home your riding skills, but there are plenty available now clear open, tarmac for working on testing the extremes of balance on a motorcycle. The best place to start looking for time at a track is to check with a local motorcycle dealer; they often set up some themselves and offer discounts. There are also clubs which can be joined for little more than an e-mail address that have access to even more exclusive times for practice. Ask around and get to know local riders and track days may become all-day training sessions with good times and the potential for solid educational achievements thanks to experienced friends who are always happy to help.

Be active at gathering knowledge and finding time to practice as a trip through the extreme end of motorcycle riding can change life for the better – or, at least provide some great stories and some extremely good times in the saddle which will be long remembered.

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